Kevin McHale
Dog Psychology Expert

Do you want to
achieve balance between
you and your dog?
The heart of having a balanced, happy dog is in both understanding dog psychology and yourself. Sessions with Mr. McHale will empower you to be the pack leader your dog needs, so that you will have the relationship you want!
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Kevin McHale dog psychology expert
Learn what your energy and body language are really communicating to your dog and what your dog is communicating to you. Learn to be the calm-assertive pack leader so that your dog can be who you want him to be.
Kevin McHale Dog Dividers
I offer more than just “room and board.” Dogs that stay with me are functional members of my pack, my family, for the duration of the time they are here. As such, they experience the restorative power of being part of a balanced, healthy pack.
Kevin McHale Dog Dividers
Some dogs need professional leadership, skill and consistency in order to return to the balanced state that is natural for them. In such cases, I offer in-house rehabilitation (based on my assessment) for both private clients and as part of special outreach work with kennels, shelters, and rescue organization.
Kevin McHale Dog Psychology Expert
Kevin McHale
Dog Psychology Expert, Owner
Bama - Kevin Mchale
Pack Memeber
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Special Programs
Group training experiences and workshops

In order to share the insights and practices of dog psychology to all those who encounter dogs, work with dogs, and rescue dogs, Kevin McHale offers group seminars and workshops.
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Dog Rehabilitation
“The measure of mental health is the disposition to see good in everything”—Ralph Waldo Emerson.

It is my job to help dogs and owners find their balance. That is the good to which I dedicate my work. Even the most aggressive, imbalanced dogs want to learn to be calm, balanced and to surrender their fear, anxiety, uncertainty or aggression to a calm-assertive leader. In rehabilitating dogs, I find and teach others to find, the good and the balance in each moment.
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